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RUDIS Wrestling Podcast #133: What the 2021 Games Means for Wrestling

/By RUDIS Wrestling


On this episode of the RUDIS Wrestling Podcast, Matt Dernlan and Jason Bryant react to the Summer Games being delayed to 2021. The two discuss the global impact of a sports-less 2020 summer, what the postponement means for the sport of wrestling, and what the future landscape looks like for athletes.


Show Notes 0:00

Show Intro 6:20

Postponement of 2020 Games

11:42 Oly-Redshirt Eligibility

21:09 Benefits to the Games in 2021

25:05 RTCs Impact on Training Opportunity

27:06 Where Will Athletes Train?

28:50 Logistics + Global Impact of Delay

33:05 What Will Happen With NCAA Wrestling?

39:02 Why a Final Decision About NCAA Eligibility is Important

41:25 Details About Our Exclusive Interview with Cary Kolat


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