On this special edition of the RUDIS Wrestling Podcast, Matt Dernlan is joined in studio by 1996 Olympian and University of Oklahoma head coach Lou Rosselli. A veteran coach of numerous powerhouse programs, Rosselli has served the sport of wrestling as a collegiate and freestyle coach for over a decade. Rosselli and Dernlan dive into a variety of topics including recruiting, his career at Oklahoma, international wrestling and the silver linings which come out of the cancellation of sports for the foreseeable future.


Show Notes

1:46 Virtual Recruiting Realities

4:58 Virtual Academic Support

6:48 Missing Social Component

9:10 Silver Linings

16:54 Reflecting on OU Career

21:35 What Type of Wrestler is Right for OU?

26:37 Transition from Edinboro

31:15 Differences in Recruiting at Larger Schools

35:23 Education As a Priority

38:13 Differing Philosophies

41:40 Skills Needed to Transition to Freestyle

47:30 Tactical Execution

50:35 Growth of the Sport from RTCs

1:02:38 Qualifying 65kg for the Games

1:05:32 2021 Team Trials Procedure


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