On this special edition of the RUDIS Wrestling Podcast, Matt Dernlan is joined by three-time World and Olympic champion Kyle Snyder. The two discuss the postponement of the 2020 Games, his mindset during present adversity, Kyle’s decision to train at the Nittany Lion Wrestling Club and more.


Show Notes

0:00 Show Introduction

0:50 Last Two Weeks

2:30 Performance at Pan-Am Qualifier

4:38 What’s Contributed to Kyle’s current state as a wrestler

8:01 Developing a Technical Mentality

10:43 Differing Mindset from Last Year

13:09 What’s the Threshold Each Match?

15:20 Goal for Your Opponents?

18:04 The Mind Controls the Body

21:32 Breaking Opponents

24:00 Turning Postponement Into a Positive

26:17 No End in Sight

28:15 Always Having a Student Mentality

32:11 Being Grateful for Rivals

33:25 Kyle’s Move to State College

37:00 Getting on the Same Page

39:15 Difference Penn State Has Made


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