On today’s special edition of the RUDIS Wrestling Podcast, Matt Dernlan is joined by 2x NCAA Champion, 4x All-American and 2x National Team Member Isaiah Martínez. Martínez discusses how he’s handling quarantine as an elite athlete, the difference an extra year of development can make, his thoughts on the importance of belief and what it takes to be the best. Dernlan and Martínez also break down the Burroughs/Dake ambush from a few weeks ago on Flo Radio Live, and Isaiah’s thoughts of his 74kg opponents.


0:00 Show Intro
1:45 Importance of Structure
7:00 Competitive Isolation
13:35 Challenging Mentality
16:05 Giving Back as a Coach
20:35 Having an Extra Year
27:45 Belief
34:00 How IMAR’s Dad Shaped His Mindset
41:30 What It Takes to Be the Best
50:30 Thoughts on the Burroughs/Dake Ambush



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