On the second episode of the RUDIS Wrestling Podcast

Ben Askren and Matt Dernlan reflect on Day 1 and 2 of the UWW Wrestling World Championships in Budapest, Hungary. Ben and Matt begin the podcast by examining what changes in recent years have caused such a positive resurgence of wrestling in America. For example, Team USA has had one of the best runs at a world championship in the history of wrestling. The duo go on to discuss the attention prominent wrestling figures like Burroughs and Snyder have brought to the sport. This attention has brought better funding and economic security for those athletes competing at the international level. In addition, there is also a rise of RTC’s and youth development programs across the country.

Future of American International Wrestling

Next, Askren and Dernlan turn their attention towards the future of American international wrestling. Beginning with David Taylor, the pair talk about some of the matches from the past two days in Budapest. Taylor made his appearance on the Team USA lineup after five years of struggling, but he came out strong in Budapest. He was able to dominate his bracket after defeating the second ranked wrestler in the first round. After several years of ending up behind others, Taylor’s continued determination to earn his place on Team USA was rewarded. David Taylor finally won a Gold Medal and a World Champion title.

Is Age a Factor

Moving on, Askren and Dernlan discuss why Jordan Burroughs’ dominance in the sport has waned. They take into consideration Burroughs’ age, after speculation that is what affected his performance in Budapest. Ben and Matt also consider if Burroughs’ was simply over trained entering the competition. In the end, Jordan Burroughs who despite an early loss in an arguably lopsided bracket, managed to win a bronze over Frank Chamizo of Italy.

From Jordan Burroughs, Ben and Matt turn to the unexpected breakout star Joe Colon. Joe was added to the lineup only 13 days before the competition; and he surprised everyone by winning bronze over Mohammadbagher Yakhkeshi of Iran. The pair also comment on the finals match for the 61kg weight class.The pair also comment on the finals match for the 61kg weight class between Yowlys Bonne Rodriguez of Cuba and Gadzhimurad Rashidov of Russia; where Bonne took the gold, winning by decision in spectacular fashion.

Multiple Upsets and an Interesting Bracket

In the 125kg weight class, Ben and Matt break down Nick Gwiazdowski’s performance. The pair discuss the unfortunate circumstances that led to Gwiazdowski’s loss along with not losing focus as every second in a match counts. Gwiazdowski finished with a bronze medal which is still a remarkable achievement; however, it was lower than initially expected after he won bronze at the 2017 world championships in Paris.

Finally, Ben and Matt discuss James Greene and how his upset had rippling effects to team scores throughout the tournament. Matt points out he noticed both Green and Burroughs, who came from the same training center, looked over-trained, missing a “spring” in their shots, attacks and setups.

Show Order

10:20 – David Taylor
20:20 – Burroughs
28:30 – Joe Colon
31:15 – Yowlys Bonne vs Rashidov
36:50 – Gwiazdowski & heavyweight wrestlers
41:00 – James Greene


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The RUDIS Wrestling Podcast is hosted Ben Askren and Matt Dernlan. Ben Askren, World Champion and Olympic wrestler, joins RUDIS from the T-Row & Funky Show in an official partnership as a content provider for all things RUDIS. Matt Dernlan joins from a D1 college coaching background with family roots grounded in Ohio wrestling with a collective 10 state titles on the shelf.