Homer or Game Changer?

Getting right into the episode, Ben Askren begins to break down the Detroit Catholic Central vs Davison rivalry match between Cameron Amine and Alex Facundo. This was an exciting yet controversial match from the finals of the DCC Invite. It was between two of Michigan’s best high school wrestlers. The match ended up going to an ultimate tiebreaker round tied 1-1. Facundo hits a stand up immediately into the UTB. Amine is behind him for about 15 seconds and the ref calls a stalemate. Askren believes Amine was trying to return Facundo to the mat. Therefore, Amine was progressing towards the score and not just stopping action. Going off this, Askren suggests a change in the rules. He thinks the referee may have made the right call. If the bottom wrestler knows he can just wait 5 seconds and the wrestler on top will most likely get a stalling call, he doesn’t actually have to try and escape. Instead, Askren suggested not calling the stalling call so quickly. Referees like to have a rule in place that they can defer to. This takes the scrutiny off the referee for the final call.

6th Year Senior

Continuing with Michigan wrestling the conversation shifts to the collegiate level. Specifically, Mason Parris and his dominant upset of the No. 1 ranked Amar Dhesi of Oregon State, 11-4. This will surely bring Parris into the top 10 rankings at heavyweight. Dhesi is a 6-year senior. This was granted to him from suffering an ACL injury and not being able to compete. Dernlan acknowledges how many wrestlers struggle during this 6th year. He believes this could be due to the accumulation of wear and tear from competing every week on top of having suffered an injury. You need to realize your capabilities and train smarter not harder. This is also a responsibility of coaches. After some thought, the two had a hard time naming multiple athletes with an extremely successful 6th year of collegiate wrestling.

Michigan vs Oregon St.

Overall, Michigan ran away with their 2019 debut with a 32-8 win over Oregon State Wrestling. Breaking down the majority of the lineup and weight classes includes the Steven Micic’s tech-fall of Kegan Calkins 18-2. Michigan’s current lineup could find themselves on the podium at the end of the year in the NCAA Finals. That being said for those teams that are in similar positions as Michigan, they have to rely on every single one of their guys if the team wants to place.

Nebraska vs Northwestern

Moving on, discussion shifts to Tyler Berger and Nebraska’s 26-14 dual victory over Northwestern Sunday at the Devaney Center. Berger faced off against Ryan Deakin giving Deakin his first loss of the season. It looked like Deakin was not being aggressive. Deakin had good hand fighting in the first period but went away from hand fighting and collar ties in the second and third. Moving away from his left-handed collar tie, Ryan Deakin switched to just diving in later in the match. Berger was more strategic overall. The 157 lbs weight class is extremely exciting this year with no one stepping away from the pack beyond Jason Nolf. Next Podcast will feature the exciting Ohio State vs NC State dual.

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