Did Anyone Really Win in Daton Fix vs Nick Suriano?

This weekend was filled with exciting collegiate match ups. With streaming and broadcasting services the availability of watching these duals are at your fingertips. This wasn’t a reality a short time ago when it was hard to find live college wrestling. One of the highly anticipated wrestling matches this weekend was between Oklahoma State’s Daton Fix and Rutgers’ Nick Suriano. These two have a deep history growing up in New Jerse. They also hold claim to one of the most talked about high school matches of all time. This weekends matchup followed theme with the match lasting 34 minutes. The match actually lasted even longer than that if you include all of the time spent reviewing by the officials. Ben Askren isn’t surprised that every time these two meet it goes this way due to their similar high-pressure styles. The bout finally came to a controversial close with Fix serving Suriano his first loss of the season 3-2 due to a hands-to-the-face call. Askren is excited to see Fix and Suriano wrestle other top-ranked opponents but not each other due to the way their styles match up.

Kaden Gfeller vs Anthony Ashnault

Askren feels Kaden Gfeller vs Anthony Ashnault was the most exciting match of the Oklahoma State vs Rutgers dual. Gfeller fell to Ashnault 9-6. Askren thinks Gfeller is losing to these top guys because he struggles to generate enough of his own offense. After the win, Ashnault celebrated by doing the pistol fingers at Gfeller. Gfeller then pushes Ashnault at the handshake and both sides got a one-point deduction as a result.

Patrick Glory vs Nick Piccininni

Glory vs Piccininni was another exciting match this weekend. Glory lost to Piccininni with a final score of 9-4. Askren begs Glory to stop choosing bottom until he gets better. Glory has the potential to place 3rd at the NCAA Finals which would be a remarkable achievement considering the competition and Glory’s age.

Nick Lee vs Tristan Moran

Wisconsin’s Tristan Moran went to Rec Hall and gave Penn State’s Nick Lee his first loss of the season in second sudden victory 12-10. This was a huge upset not only in the rankings but also Moran has been struggling with his weight at the 141 lbs weight class.

Jason Nolf vs Ryan Deakin

Nolf was able to stop all the chatter surrounding his bout with Deakin with a 17-7 major decision victory. Askren talks about how many people believed No. 3 ranked Deakin was the guy to finally beat Nolf. It will be exciting to watch the rest of Nolf’s season.

Austin Desanto vs Ethan Lizak

The final score of 6-1 doesn’t tell the story of how dominant No. 10 Desanto was against No. 8 Lizak. Desanto, at the end of the match, shoved Lizak’s head into the mat and then started taunting the crowd. Askren is always in favor of celebrations and showmanship and didn’t really have a problem with what happened after the match.


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