Ohio State vs Michigan

Ben Askren starts off the podcast saying Ohio State vs Michigan was the college wrestling dual of the season so far. It was an action-packed rivalry match where the No. 2 ranked Ohio State Buckeyes fell 19-17 to No. 6 Michigan, after losing six of ten weight classes. Kicking off the dual at 125 lbs was No. 15 Drew Mattin of Michigan defeating Ohio State’s Malik Heinselman 12-6. Askren and Matt Dernlan had discussed the decision of pulling Heinselman’s redshirt on a previous podcast. Dernlan still believes it was a positive move and uses Mattin as an example. Mattin’s redshirt was pulled his freshman season and that gave him experience against the best guys to prepare him for a successful sophomore season.

Stevan Micic vs Luke Pletcher

In the 2nd match of the night, Ohio State’s Luke Pletcher fell to Michigan’s Stevan Micic 14-1. Askren was not expecting such a dominating win over Pletcher. Dernlan believes Micic wanted to make a statement to why he is ranked No. 1.

Joey McKenna vs Kanen Storr

After Ohio State dropped the first 2 matches scoring 0 team points, Joey McKenna gave the home crowd something to cheer about. Ohio State’s No. 2 Joey McKenna defeated No. 5 Kanen Storr by Tech Fall 18-3. On paper, Michigan was most likely going to win this dual. Dernlan’s takeaway was that Ohio State’s captains knew what they needed to do in order to give them a chance. All 3 captains including McKenna answered the bell and won in dramatic fashion.

Myles Amine vs Ethan Smith

At 174 lbs Michigan’s Myles Amine defeated Ethan Smith 3-2. Askren and Dernlan agree Ohio State needs to choose the main guy at 174 lbs. Not through a wrestle-off because that can create a bad dynamic and add unneeded stress.

Kollin Moore vs Jackson Striggow

At this point in the dual, the score was 16-17. No. 2 ranked Kollin Moore faced off against Michigan’s unranked Jackson Striggow. In order to put his heavyweight in a good position to win the dual, Moore needed to dominate. Dernlan talks about how in these situations you tell the wrestler before they go out what’s expected and that he controls the destiny of this dual. In Dernlan’s opinion, he didn’t see the urgency in Moore’s wrestling.

133 lbs Weight Class

Askren says the 133 lbs weight class is either a disaster or glorious depending on how you look at it. Everyone is beating everyone and it is arguably the most exciting weight class in college wrestling right now. From a coaching standpoint that creates a lot of anxiety because you don’t know exactly what the outcomes are going to be. From a fan perspective, it creates intrigue and heated discussions. Askren and Dernlan try and map out the possibilities of what could go down come March at the NCAA Tournament and it’s impossible. The 133 lbs weight class has too much talent to tell. One thing Askren and Dernlan agree on is that with so much talent in the top 25 you can’t expect an unranked guy to make a surprising run.

Dave Schultz Memorial International

Moving on, Askren breaks down Aaron Brooks performance at the Dave Schultz Memorial International. Coming off a poor performance at Midlands, he came back and looked great with a championship win over Princeton’s Nathan Jackson. Dernlan is excited and believes Brooks is going to be interesting to watch as he grows and develops.


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