On the third episode of the RUDIS Wrestling Podcast

Ben Askren and Matt Dernlan continue to discuss the 2018 UWW Wrestling World Championships in Budapest as the men’s freestyle tournament draws to a close. The pair discusses not only the results of the United States wrestlers, but the results from across the globe. Many of which had surprising runs at the tournament. Askren and Dernlan also touch on the recent addition of 2 new weight classes to the UWW. They take a look at how it will affect the American team lineup in the 2020 Olympics.

Defeat is Part of Being an Athlete

The RUDIS Wrestling Podcast begins on a disappointing note. Ben and Matt talk about Kyle Snyder’s defeat by pin at the hands of Abdulrashid Sadulaev of Russia. The two describe the match, in what was arguably, one of the most anticipated matches in the history of the wrestling sport. Sadulaev came out strong and early. He put a quick and decisive end to the match by catching Kyle Snyder in an unorthodox move rarely seen at the international level, commonly known as a chest crusher.

Kyle Dake’s Impressive Control

From there, the RUDIS Wrestling Podcast duo moves to a more positive subject, first time World Team member, Kyle Dake. Dake went untouched on his path to win a 79kg World Championship. He was 37-0 against his opponents during the tournament. Kyle Dake never allowed a single point and remained in control the entire time. Askren and Dernlan go on to discuss Dake’s versatility on the mat, and his ability to attack hard and rack up points.

They also take a look at, Dake’s determination to lock down an opponent and pick apart their offense without draining himself. Dake’s impressive control on the mat was apparent in his two final matches against Akhmed Gadzhimagomedov of Russia and Jabrayil Hasanov of Azerbaijan. In his semifinal match against Gadzhimagomedov, Dake won 13-0 by tech fall; however, he had previously lost to Gadzhimagomedov in the finals of Yarygin. Dake defeated Hasanov in the finals when he scored an early takedown for a two-point lead. Which resulted in comfortably holding Hasanov scoreless until time expired.

Future of American Wrestling

After discussing Dake’s dominance at a newly integrated weight class, Askren and Dernlan’s attention turns towards the future of American international wrestling. Ben and Matt look at how Team USA will attempt to handle a smaller Olympic roster in the coming years.

Also, they discuss how Team USA will handle returning team members like Dake and J’den Cox. J’den Cox is another Gold Medal winner for Team USA. He wrestles at another newly added UWW weight class.

The Final Matches

At the 57kg, 65kg, and 70kg weight classes, Team USA did well at 57kg with Thomas Gilman winning an unexpected bronze. However, Logan Stieber and James Green did not fare as well, both losing in the first and second rounds respectively.

The deepest weight class of the tournament was 65kg. The breakout star was Takuto Otoguro of Japan, winning a gold at the age of 19. The RUDIS Wresting Podcast duo comment upon the energetic and captivating style of wrestling Otoguro has. Both men look forward to watching him compete for many years to come.

Moving on to the 70kg weight class, Ben focuses on Adam Batirov of Bahrain. Bahrain is a senior in the sport at 33 years old. He wrestled a solid tournament, but appeared to completely fall apart in the last 30 seconds of the 70kg finals match. Ultimately losing to Magomedrasul Gazimagomedov.

Ben and Matt close the show with a quick update on the USA Women’s Freestyle wrestling standings at 50kg and 53kg. The USA is hopeful to gain another gold at 53kg from Sarah Hildebrandt.

Show Timestamps

4:25 – Kyle Dake
7:35 – Addition of Two New Weight Classes to UWW
10:57 – J’den Cox
19:00 – Discussion on How Team USA Will Handle Transitioning to Fewer Weight Classes at the 2020 Olympics
27:16 – 57kg Weight Class and Gilman
31:30 – 65kg Weight Class
39:20 – 70kg Weight Class and Adam Batirov
41:30 – USA Women’s 50kg and 53kg Standings


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The RUDIS Wrestling Podcast is hosted Ben Askren and Matt Dernlan. Ben Askren, World Champion and Olympic wrestler, joins RUDIS from the T-Row & Funky Show in an official partnership as a content provider for all things RUDIS. Matt Dernlan joins from a D1 college coaching background with family roots grounded in Ohio wrestling with a collective 10 state titles on the shelf.