Entertainment vs Unsportsmanlike (0:00)

Ben Askren addresses a main news story that wasn’t brought up last podcast, Austin Desanto’s antics, and suspension. Matt Dernlan’s take on what happened at the Nebraska dual is that it was kind of justified. Earlier in the dual, after a sudden victory win, Tyler Berger went over to the Iowa bench and blew them a kiss while saying “This is my house”. Dernlan believes Desanto’s similar actions don’t justify the harsh reaction of the public. This is the third time Desanto has been hit with team point deductions. Once you get a reputation, people start watching and waiting to overreact. Tuesday the news broke that Desanto will serve a one-game suspension and not wrestle in the upcoming dual against Maryland.

Sam Stoll (04:15)

Iowa’s Sam Stoll was upset by Nebraska’s David Jensen 3-0. Askren and Dernlan agree that since Stoll’s knee injury he hasn’t been quite the same. Askren questions if a loss like this is a sign that Stoll won’t place in March.

Alex Marinelli vs Isaiah White (11:15)

At 165 lbs Marinelli captured a win over Isaiah White 3-0. Dernlan relates this matchup to a lot of the matches that took place between Michigan and Penn State. It was really close but Dernlan doesn’t see White beating Marinelli this season. Askren advises White to not choose bottom against Marinelli.

Tough Matchups and Injuries (13:00)

Iowa vs Oklahoma State and Ohio State vs Cornell are tough matchups to end the season. Dernlan questions if this is a good thing for a team heading into the finals or if it makes it harder. You do have a two-week break before conferences but traveling can be hard for the away teams. Joey McKenna was sidelined with an undisclosed injury. Askren questions Dernlan to see if he has any inside information if McKenna will wrestle against Penn State. It brings up the topic that with only 6 weeks until the NCAA tournament it’s important to heal up and not risk further injury. Playing on the side of caution gets more important the closer you get to the end of the season.

Kaid Brock vs Josh Alber (24:30)

Kaid Brock lost his match at 141 lbs on a last-second takedown to Josh Alber. When Brock wrestles his style it’s exciting to watch. Askren thinks Brock was holding himself back in this match.

Joe Smith Drops 2 (31:46)

No. 5 Joe Smith lost both of his bouts over the weekend. First losing to No. 8 Taylor Lujan of UNI 5-4. He then lost to No. 6 Jordan Kutler 3-1 after getting hit with a hands-to-the-face call. Dernlan thinks Smith wrestled to the style of his opponents and got caught up not being active. After such an impressive performance at the Southern Scuffle, it was easy to believe Smith could really be dangerous for the top-ranked guys. After a weekend like this, maybe those predictions were premature.

Fast Predictions (37:27)

Askren is heading down to Columbus to do a live broadcast of the RUDIS Wrestling Podcast with Dernlan for the Ohio State vs Penn State dual. The pair goes through the matchups and makes quick predictions on who they think will win. 125: Ohio State, 133: Ohio State 141: Ohio State 149: Ohio State 157: Penn State 165: Penn State 174: Penn State 184: Ohio State 197: Ohio State 285: Penn State.

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