Sebastian Rivera vs Stevan Micic (0:00)

In this episode Ben Askren and Matt Dernlan breakdown more exciting matchups and duals from this past weekend. They start it off with discussing what went down at the Northwestern vs Michigan Dual. No. 1 at 125 lbs Sebastian Rivera stepped up to take on No. 1 at 133 lbs Stevan Micic. Micic controlled the match accumulating 3:20min in riding time advantage and 4 takedowns. The match did go the distance ending 10-2 in Micic’s favor. Askren talks about how the results of the match were not shocking but the fact that it happened was. Dernlan brings up how Rivera has been scheduled to wrestle four top 20 guys in the last month but has been continued to be ducked.

Ryan Deakin vs Alec Pantaleo (4:45)

No. 3 at 157 Deakin secured the win over No. 5 Pantaleo 11-9. Deakin fell early but Askren and Dernlan think Pantaleo gassed himself out. Dernlan says this could have been Northwestern’s strategy to make Pantaleo exert as much energy as possible early. Previous to this match Askren would have an easier time saying Pantaleo would beat Deakin but now it’s up in the air. The pair agree No. 1 Jason Nolf is in a league of his own but the 4 wrestlers ranked just below him are all going to be battling for the 2nd and 3rd seed.

Showing Some Love (12:39)

The Spartans will have their first winning season since 2010-2011. They’re also riding a 5 dual winning streak as they head into facing Penn State Feb. 15th. A lot of their losses have been close including dropping 15-18 to Illinois and 20-22 to Rutgers. Dernlan shows his respect to Head Coach Roger Chandler for what he’s been able to do in his three years as Head Coach at Michigan State. The pair then move onto the impressive season the University of Pittsburgh has had. Askren can’t help but shed light on a program he’s involved with the Wisconsin Badgers and their head coach, Chris Bono. Wisconsin toughed out a win over Illinois this weekend. The future looks bright for first-year head coach Bono and the Badgers.

Missouri vs Arizona State (28:50)

Missouri beat out Arizona State 30-12. Dernlan talks about how he believes it takes about 5-7 years to truly turn a program around. Askren says Arizona State is behind on this curve but Dernlan thinks they’re on pace. Missouri faced off against Arizona State on Friday although it was overshadowed by the Penn State vs Ohio State Dual. If Missouri can beat their biggest test in Oklahoma State this weekend then they will most likely go undefeated this season.

Zahid Valencia vs Daniel Lewis (31:02)

No. 4 Lewis pinned No. 2 Valencia in the 2nd period. Askren doesn’t think this win changes anything come March. This was only Valencia’s second loss with the first one coming to No. 1 Mark Hall earlier in the season.

Missouri in the MAC (35:43)

Missouri’s performances are that of a BIG 10 conference school but they remain in the MAC conference. Dernlan breaks down why this is. In order for a school to enter the BIG 10 or ACC they cannot be a 1 sport or affiliate member. They must join in, in all athletic departments. Still, Missouri managed to have a challenging schedule this year including Illinois, Virginia Tech, Virginia, Cornell, Arizona State, and Oklahoma State.

Sarah Hildebrandt (42:33)

Askren gives a sneak peek into an upcoming podcast with Sarah Hildebrandt. Askren will sit down with Hildebrandt and talk about all the exciting things going on in her life and in women’s wrestling. Including, her win at Yarygin and her partnership with RUDIS.

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