New Gear New Technique (0:00)

Ben Askren and Matt Dernlan begin by talking about Sarah Hildebrandt, her new clothing line, and the interview Askren did with her on the last episode of the RUDIS Wrestling Podcast. Dernlan recently returned from Colorado where RUDIS was filming technique videos and interviews with Hildebrandt. The technique filmed with Hildebrandt is unique to the wrestling world. Dernlan is excited for the world to see all the exciting things to come with Hildebrandt. Speaking of RUDIS wrestling technique videos, Askren brings up Johnni DiJulius. DiJulius has led a series of technique videos along with Nathan Tomasello and shared his knowledge with the wrestling community. When Askren met DiJulius he noticed how strong his hands are. Grip and hand strength in Askren’s opinion are one of the most important strength and conditioning aspects when it comes to wrestling. DiJulius says he got his grip strength from a young age. His method was that once a week, he would hang from a bar for as long as he could manage.

Oklahoma State vs Missouri (7:15)

Oklahoma State defeated Missouri 19-15 ending the Tigers’ 35 dual winning streak. Although Missouri wasn’t able to secure the win, Askren enjoyed the dual and the excitement that comes with matchups that are toss-ups. Overall, he is grateful for the growing coverage and accessibility wrestling is getting in recent years.

Jaydin Eierman vs Kaid Brock (11:23)

No. 4  at 141 lbs, Eierman got a commanding lead then used a cradle and locked it up to secure the fall at 3:48min against No. 13 Brock. This brings Brock to 0-6 against ranked opponents this season. This was a huge momentum shift for Missouri after dropping the first two matches in the dual. Dernlan hopes Brock can get some momentum of his own heading into the NCAA Tournament.

Brock Mauller vs Kaden Gfeller (14:20)

At 149 lbs, No. 7 Mauller continued Missouri’s momentum with a decision over No. 5 Kaden Gfeller 10-4. Someone mentioned to Askren that Gfeller was hurt but both Askren and Dernlan couldn’t tell by the way he wrestled. The 149 lbs weight class is extremely exciting with the top guys all being very competitive. Mauller only has one loss on the season. Askren and Dernlan believe he has a chance at a top 4 seed and are excited to see his performance, especially as a freshman.

Oklahoma State is Going Down (22:05)

Oklahoma State Head Coach John Smith is changing up the lineup heading into the postseason. Joe Smith and Jacobe Smith both weighed in light for their weight classes. Dernlan and Askren don’t think this is necessary. No 6. Joe Smith has lost three matches in a row and will now go down from 174 to 165 lbs and wrestle off against Chandler Rogers. Jacobe Smith will take the 174 lbs spot and Dakota Geer will go to 184 lbs. Askren feels like Oklahoma State’s lineup has been all over the place this season.

It’s Daniel Lewis Time (29:10)

Coming off a dominating performance 7-0 over Joe Smith, No. 2 Lewis is in a great spot to make a big impact at the NCAA Tournament. Dernlan mentions how even though Lewis has a lot of accolades this senior year and holds the No. 2 spot the general public still underrates him. Many people only give him credit for his cradle but Askren mentions Lewis’ other maneuvers. He is also strong with his leg rides and tilts.

Iowa vs Wisconsin (33:22)

Iowa continued their dominating season when they went to Wisconsin and beat the Badgers 35-2. Dernlan wants officials to stop calling heavyweight matches differently than other weight classes and call stalling when it’s due. Speaking of heavyweight, Trent Hillger was able to pull off a 1-0 win over Iowa’s Sam Stoll to give Wisconsin their only win of the dual.

Myles Martin (40:00)

Ohio State’s Martin beat No. 7 Nebraska’s Taylor Venz 12-5. Dernlan mentions that Martin is just as dominant as any wrestler in college right now. Although, Askren and Dernlan agree that the pinning ability of Bo Nickal and Jason Nolf will put them over Martin when it comes to Hodge Trophy contention.


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