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This episode Ben Askren and Matt Dernlan preview the 2019 World Team Trials. Askren starts the podcast by telling Dernlan how much he enjoyed Dernlan’s interview with Anatoly Beloglazov on episode #55. Dernlan gives some insight on the interview and all the interesting pieces he took from it. Some news since the last podcast that has come out includes Jason Nolf moving up a weight class and Nick Suriano deciding not to compete at World Team Trials. Dernlan and Askren see such a great opportunity for Suriano to make the world team and don’t know his reasoning why he is choosing not to wrestle.

57 kg (8:23)

Dernlan gives an update on Nathan Tomasello’s status and how he is choosing to take time off, heal his injuries, and return next year for an Olympic run. They also discuss the strict qualifying criteria to make the World Team Trials and how smaller brackets allow for less possible injuries. Askren and Dernlan agree the pick for this weight class is Thomas Gilman hands down.

61 kg (13:37)

Askren picks by his performance at the U.S. Open Nico Megaludis will beat Cody Brewer in the finals and head to Final X to take on Joe Colon. Dernlan agrees with this pick especially with a best of three series.

65 kg (16:55)

The topic is brought up about where Jordan Oliver should be seeded. Askren breaks down why seeding matters and how much of a difference it makes. There is also rumors that say Oliver could jump up to 70 kg. Overall Askren and Dernlan picks Zain Retherford to get the win at World Team Trials.

70 kg (24:20)

Both Askren and Dernlan pick James Green to win.

74 kg (25:20)

In the finals, Askren picks Jason Nolf vs Isaiah Martinez with Martinez getting the win and heading to Final X. Dernlan talks about how Martinez is on a new level and has opened up a gap between him and the rest of the weight class.

79 kg (27:58)

Dernlan has Mark Hall breaking onto the Senior level scene with a win at World Team Trials. Askren picks Valencia to win.

86 kg (32:47)

Both Dernlan and Askren pick Myles Martin to get revenge on Pat Downey and head to Final X.

92 kg (35:05)

Dernlan says he has to take Bo Nickal to win and Dernlan agrees.

97 kg (36:16)

Askren picks Ben Honis to win the trials. Dernlan has been a Honis supporter for a very long time and also picks him to win.

125 kg (38:55)

With a surprise pick, Dernlan takes Gable Steveson to win the trials. Askren takes Adam Coon over Steveson.


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