RUDIS Wrestling Shoes and Stieber Elite Wrestling Academy

On this special episode, Kyle Snyder and Logan Stieber join Matt Dernlan as they discuss the brand new 2019 RUDIS Wrestling Shoes. Stieber and Snyder breakdown the process of making, developing, and everything that goes into making a shoe. Snyder will also be giving away 2 free pairs of KS Infinity Shoes on his Instagram: @Snyderman45 and his Twitter @Snyder_man45

Stieber and Dernlan get into how the official first week of Stieber Elite Wrestling Academy went. They also talk about the future of Stieber Elite such as tournament season and what the future looks like for a Stieber Elite Dual Team. Stieber explains his ideology on leading and coaching these kids and how it also ties into coaching the parents.

Yianni Diakomihalis vs Zain Retherford Wrestle Off

Dernlan mentions how he can’t think of anyone better to get their insight and opinion on the Yianni vs Zain than Logan Stieber who was the U.S. world representative at 65 kg last year. Stieber gives Zain a lot of credit and talks about how cool it was to see Zain’s emotion after his win. He breaks down Zain and Penn State’s gameplan and Zain’s ability to adapt quickly. He talks about Yianni’s offense and his future looking forward to next years Olympic run.


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Ben Askren and Matt Dernlan host the RUDIS Wrestling Podcast. Askren, World Champion, and Olympic Wrestler joins in official partnership as a content provider for all things RUDIS. Matt Dernlan joins from years of experience in D1 college coaching at Binghamton, Clarion, and Penn State University.

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