RUDIS Wrestling Shoes Program

On this episode of the RUDIS Wrestling podcast, Matt Dernlan sits down with Vice President of the RUDIS shoe program Scott Weaver and RUDIS Co-Founder/President Jesse Leng.  What started as an idea in a small diner quickly became a global program working to create the greatest wrestling shoe in the world.  Weaver gives a brief history looking at his 40-year work experience in the footwear business and explains RUDIS’ belief in the brand and commitment to wrestling that pushed him to join RUDIS’ vision.

Leng helps discuss how RUDIS has doubled down this year by course-correcting and moving forward with a competitive mindset.  From talking with athletes like Sarah Hildebrandt and Kyle Snyder every day to asking for feedback from youth wrestlers or their parents, the shoe development team ensures that feedback is consistently being used. Leng explains essentially starting from scratch this season to address durability and sizing concerns and deliver the greatest possible shoe to the consumer.


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Ben Askren and Matt Dernlan host the RUDIS Wrestling Podcast. Askren, World Champion, and Olympic Wrestler joins in official partnership as a content provider for all things RUDIS. Matt Dernlan joins from years of experience in D1 college coaching at Binghamton, Clarion, and Penn State University.

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