On this episode of the RUDIS Wrestling Podcast, Matt Dernlan and Ben Askren continue their breakdown of the results of the 2019 World Wrestling Championships. Dernlan reports in from Nur Sultan for the final time and the two recap the last of the Men’s Freestyle matches. They discuss the dominant performances of world Champions J’Den Cox and Kyle Dake, as well as the Bronze medal match for Kyle Snyder. Askren comments on Dake’s elusiveness as to which weight class he will be moving to for 2020, and the two discuss the deep field of talent and matchups that will be competing to represent the United States for the coming Olympic cycle.


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Ben Askren and Matt Dernlan host the RUDIS Wrestling Podcast. Askren, World Champion, and Olympic Wrestler joins in official partnership as a content provider for all things RUDIS. Matt Dernlan joins from years of experience in D1 college coaching at Binghamton, Clarion, and Penn State University.

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