Freshman Year

Ben Askren asks Kyle Snyder to elaborate on his freshman year wrestling at Ohio State. Snyder went 30-4 overall on the season but was pinned by Iowa State’s Kyven Gadson in the NCAA Championship match. Ohio State Wrestling would go on to win it’s very first team National Championship title along with freshman Nathan Tomasello winning his first National Championship. While on stage accepting the team trophy Snyder found it hard to enjoy. In order to put the loss in his past, he immediately jumped back in the gym and started to prepare to wrestle in the U.S. Open. Snyder would go on to win his first Wrestling World Championship 6 months later.

Major Growth

Beyond just getting physically stronger and dialing in technique, Synder was able to grow mentally within matches. During the season it can be hard to make major mental changes while wrestling every week. Now that Snyder had some time to step back he was able to wrestle closer to his potential in matches not just in practice. Snyder lived up to the quote “Work until your idols become your rivals” when he defeated Russia’s Abdusalam Gadisov in the World Championship match. As a testament to how much he grew mentally and technically during the summer, Snyder was able to use a move he just learned to secure the last takedown of the match.

Sophomore Year

Jumping right to the NCAA Championship match Askren asks Snyder about what was going on in his head during the match. Snyder used an ankle-pick with 8 seconds left to send the match into overtime with North Carolina State’s Nick Gwiazdowski. He scored another takedown 15 seconds into the first extra session. This ended Gwiazdowski’s 88-match winning streak and gave Snyder his first National Championship.

Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympics

Snyder had very few nerves heading into the Olympics. He had dreamed of wrestling in the Olympics since he was 10. After defeating Khetag Goziumov of Azerbaijani he became the youngest Olympic gold medalist in US wrestling history. At 20 years old he passed Henry Cejudo’s previous record. Cejudo had one his gold at 21 years old.

Junior Year & Senior Year

Askren decides to breeze over Snyder’s Junior year when he won his second NCAA title and second World Championship title. Instead, they jump into discussing Snyder’s Senior year at Ohio State. Askren asks Snyder to talk about his “rivalry” with Adam Coon. Coon is a much bigger wrestler but has a similar wrestling style to Snyder. They both use a lot of hand fighting. Snyder adjusted by picking and choosing his shots. He would shoot later in the round to not allow time for Coon to escape. Snyder and Michigan’s Coon met on the mat in the middle of 19,776 fans. Snyder was able to secure his third NCAA Championship.

Post College Career

Askren describes Snyder as the most accomplished wrestler coming out of college. Snyder announces his partnership with RUDIS with a letter to the wrestling community titled Dear Wrestling. Right around the corner is the World Championships in Budapest. Both Snyder and Abdulrashid Sadulaev seemingly ran through their sides of the bracket and met in the anticipated championship. Snyder had previously beaten Sadulaev in the 2017 World Championships. Sadulaev would go on to pin Snyder in the first round. Snyder feels like every time he does lose it frees him a little more. He is able to leave everything on the mat and accept the outcome. Handling a loss makes or breaks an athlete. Constantly making adjustments and analyzing his wrestling style Snyder is ready and excited for the Yarygin. Sadulaev will most likely not be attending the Yarygin but Snyder will get his chance at winning a rubber match in the near future.


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