Marysville, OH. January 22, 2019

RUDIS, the fastest growing athletic apparel brand in wrestling, continues to invest in wrestling and the Olympic Dream by signing its first female wrestler, Sarah Hildebrandt. Hildebrandt’s most recent stand out silver medal performance at the 2018 World Championships in Budapest compliments her many impressive career accolades such as being a three-time Pan Am Champion, two-time World Team Member, and a two-time WCWA College National Champion.
RUDIS Co-Founder and President, Jesse Leng speaks about how the signing represents something bigger for the brand. “Signing Sarah is a huge honor for RUDIS.  This moment is very meaningful for a variety of reasons. We are not just adding another top-level talent to our roster, we are making a statement that we are investing in women’s wrestling and making sure its message is being projected in the most authentic way. We believe Sarah’s impact on our business may quite possibly be felt more by what she contributes off the mat than on. Ultimately, her input and insight will serve as a platform for growth. Building great products and messages always begin with the athlete. I could not be prouder to have Sarah be the pioneer of this movement for RUDIS.
Nancy Schultz Vitangeli, partner and one of the sport’s top advocates adds;

“We are happy and proud to welcome Sarah into the RUDIS family. She represents everything that we strive to honor in our sport and at RUDIS.  Sarah is exemplary in the areas needed for success…discipline, dedication, and an intensity and love for the training process. Women are the fastest growing aspect of wrestling around the world. We look forward to Sarah’s future success as she joins our amazing group of RUDIS athletes and legends.”  

Hildebrandt expresses her gratitude to RUDIS and love for wrestling in explaining her choice, she quotes: 
“RUDIS embodies so many aspects of, not just being a great wrestler, but being a great person while also remaining relentless and authentic in the pursuit of greatness. For me, it was an obvious decision to work with them. A lot of our goals, and how to achieve them, aligned perfectly. From their professionalism to their passion, I felt immediately in sync and inspired with the brand. RUDIS’ support and care is unmatched. I am beyond excited to move forward with them as I chase down my dreams!”

Serving the amateur wrestling community, RUDIS honors some of the greatest names in the history of the sport including Dave Schultz, Kyle Snyder, Cary Kolat, Russ Hellickson, Lincoln Mcllravy, and more. The company states:

“Born from wrestling and built for wrestling. RUDIS was created with a single vision in mind: be the most accurate and authentic expression of the sport through apparel. The core values of wrestling govern our every action and drive us to continually innovate, serve, and connect with those who love this sport.”

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