Dave; Athlete, Ambassador, Friend:

Sole Searching: Dave Schultz

Dave Schultz, the Sly Fox; was a mythical, transcendent figure in wrestling. He exemplified what it meant to live life to the fullest. Dave Schultz lived a life of wrestling on and off that mat. Although his on the mat personality was extremely different from his off the mat personality. He was as ruthless as you could be on the mat, he didn’t care how much pain he put his opponent in. Winning was important to him and sometimes he caused a lot of pain to other people. But off the mat, his wife Nancy will tell you, he was one of the most intellectual beautiful hearts you would ever meet. You could see these qualities in him in the way he coached, taught, and loved friends and family.

Unique & Different:

Everything Dave was, was unique. That is to say, his personality, his style, his technique, were all unique. He was unpredictable, which spoke to his wrestling career and style. Dave’s opponents could never predict his next move. He spawned a generation of athletes that wanted to look like him, talk like him, wrestle like him, dress like him. That is the highest form of flattery there is. It was crucial that RUDIS created a brand that lived up to who Dave was. Therefore, two lines were created for Dave The Cali Dave Schultz collection and Sly Fox.

Continuing His Legacy:

It was RUDIS’ responsibility to give Dave a shoe that was as unique as he was. We wanted to give him the best. The Sly Fox shoe line was created to bring Dave’s legacy into the present and carry in into the future. It is RUDIS’ goal to exemplify wrestling in the legends of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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