Living the Sport:

It starts with wrestling. When designing a RUDIS wrestling shoe it has to come from not just the sport, but living the sport. Jeff Jordan is the epitome of wrestling.  At his core, Jeff is a wrestler. Jordan wanted to attach the brand to the most organic expression of wrestling there is. This was the foundation for building a brand. Jordan and his colleagues had the knowledge and experience needed to develop a premium wrestling shoe.

Most Organic Expression of Wrestling – Jeff Jordan State Champ Camps:

State Champ Camps have had a massive impact on the sport of wrestling. To build an elite shoe it must come from within. Youth wrestling camps are built to learn about yourself and look inward. These camps take you on a journey. State Champ Camp is the perfect setting to build not only a brand but a shoe designed for the elite wrestler. Kids are transforming themselves over night. To have a brand built side by side to this experience was RUDIS’ goal.

Delivering an Edge:

RUDIS was not built for the athlete that goes to their local sport store and buys just any shoe off the shelf. RUDIS is looking for athletes with an edge. Therefore, the RUDIS shoe must be crafted with an edge for the elite. RUDIS comes from wrestling, we are wrestling. Our competitors, they are not wrestling. Follow the journey of an idea becoming reality with an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to create an athlete-centered premium product.

We want to win. It’s not what we do, it’s who we are.

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