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Super Match will take place on March 16th, in Detroit, MI 

Detroit, MI—Super Match is going to elevate the biggest week in wrestling. Happening on the same week as the NCAA tournament, Super Match is the must-see event of the year. Stacked with the best and brightest wrestlers in the sport, this is an event unlike anything you’ve seen. Hosted by RUDIS, Super Match will take place on March 16, at the MotorCity Casino Hotel in Detroit, Michigan. If you’re in town for the NCAA Championships, this is the event to start your wrestling weekend. For More information on the Super Match, visit



There are two ways to watch the Super Match this year. Fans can attend Super Match LIVE by purchasing the Super Match ticket on Ticketmaster> The event will take place in the Sound Board theater of the MotorCity Casino Hotel. Don’t wait to reserve your seat at the venue. Seats are selling out fast.


If you can’t be in Detroit on March 16th, there’s another way to watch the match. Subscribe to RUDIS+ and stream Super Match LIVE on the app. RUDIS+ Subscribers will be able to stream matchups from the comfort of their home. For $60/year, Subscribers will also gain access to exclusive Techniques, Inside the Fight Match commentary, Strength & Conditioning lessons, original Feature Films, and more. Become a Subscriber today and take advantage of all that RUDIS+ has to offer. You can Subscribe to RUDIS+ by clicking here.



Witness wrestling unlike anything that you’ve seen before. The card is made of Olympic, World, and other elite athletes. Some of the most anticipated matchups in Super Match include:


Kyle Snyder vs J’den Cox

Myles Martin vs Mark Hall

Zain Retherford vs James Green

Sarah Hildebrandt vs Ronna Gross

Kollin Moore vs Nate Jackson

Isaiah Martinez vs Alex Dieringer

Kennedy Blades vs Victoria Francis

Kayla Miracle vs Emma Bruntil

Alec Pantaleo vs Jordan Oliver

Derek White vs Amar Dhesi

David Mcfadden vs Mitch Finesilver

Emily Shilson vs Erin Golston

Evan Henderson vs Seth Gross

Caleb Henson vs Hunter Garvin

Casey Swiderski vs Jesse Mendez

The long-awaited Snyder vs Cox match is the main event of Super Match.  These two extraordinary athletes have not wrestled each other since college and have not battled on the senior level, until now.  Many have wondered, debated and speculated what would happen. On March 16th we will answer, “Who will be the KING at 97kg.”

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Another anticipated matchup is between Myles Martin and Mark Hall. Both are 4x NCAA All American and Big Ten Champions. This matchup is one that fans are dying to see.


Other matchups with RUDIS athletes such as Sarah Hildebrandt, Kayla Miracle, Kennedy Blades, Kollin Moore, and Amar Dhesi are also creating buzz in the wrestling community.




Jordan Burroughs and Jason Knapp will be commentating on Super Match. Well-known both on and off the mat, Jordan Burroughs is a legendary figure in the sport. A 5x World Champion, 2x NCAA Champion, and 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist, Jordan Burroughs has no shortage of experience in his long career. Well-loved by the wrestling community, Jordan Burroughs will bring eloquence and style to the Super Match Commentary.  Follow Jordan Burroughs on social media for the latest Super Match content. 


Jason Knapp is an experienced Olympic sports commentator and sportscaster. Debuted in NBC’s coverage during the 2012 London Olympics, Knapp has commentated for wrestling, shooting and swimming. In addition to NBC, Knapp has also worked with CBS as a play-by-play commentator for a host of other sports. Recently, Knapp has attended the 2020 Tokyo Olympics as a commentator. Knowledgeable and experienced, Knapp will work with Burroughs to bring a professional polish to Super Match. 



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