The Importance of Consistency

I believe the best attribute for success is consistency. This term is very broad but can be broken down into different parts that maximize one’s potential. As a professional athlete, the parts of consistency for me are:

  1. Day-to-Day Preparation
  2. Work Ethic
  3. Belief in Oneself
  4. Curiosity to Learn
  5. Openness to new ideas
  6. Proper nutrition and rest


How to Achieve Consistency

Over a long period of time, having consistency in every area of life will lead to continual development. I believe it starts at a young age when one is forming their worldview. If a child has a mentor that can help show them the path, they will learn. Children look up to parents, and other mentors much more than they realize. I started to see this more in my 20s; a lot of the attributes I formed, came from the people I looked up to. For example, I saw my mom consistently wake up before work and run four miles. So I began to wake up before school and run, it helped develop toughness and endurance in my legs.

In order to cultivate consistency, a person must have dedication, determination, and discipline. One of my coaches, when I was younger, called these “The 3 D’s”. As I have grown, I have realized how much truth is in it. Dedication is the commitment to a purpose,  determination is the firmness in the purpose, and discipline is the code of conduct established in the purpose.

The 3 D’s

  1. Dedication: The commitment to a purpose
  2. Determination: The firmness in the purpose
  3. Discipline: The code of conduct established in the purpose


In short, if a person has a powerful “why” in their life they will stay the course. An exercise that leads to a greater understanding of themselves is writing down their own “why” in life. It establishes accountability and reassurance. Life will have its ups and downs, but if one holds true to his/her “core purpose” than s/he will be consistent no matter what life throws at them.

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