Keep it Simple

Cary Kolat and Matt Dernlan introduce a new book they will be discussing, Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life…And Maybe the World by Admiral William H. McRaven. This episode they will discuss Ch. 1 “Start Your Day with a Task Completed”. McRaven gave a commencement speech at his alma mater The University of Texas at Austin and Dernlan explains this is where the genesis of this book originated. The clip of this speech went viral of McRaven summarizing his military career and everything he learned from his 37 years of service in 10 simple points. Kolat and Dernlan agree when people are searching for solutions they often over complicate matters when in reality a simple approach is probably the best. 

Wake Up, Get Better

This chapter talks about the best way to start your day is with a completed task. This way you begin your day with a positive frame of reference and know you’re doing something productive right from the beginning. It’s a reminder that at the end of the day you’ve done something well and to be proud of no matter how small the task. It kicks off the mentality you start your day with, doing something right and perfect. Kolat says every athlete should start their day with something similar. For example, if you start your day with a run you feel like you’re starting off being productive, doing what others aren’t, getting ahead of the competition, etc.

Kolat breaks down the importance of trust and comfortability between coach and athlete. Kolat and his coaching staff start the day now that it’s not wrestling season by getting in contact with their wrestlers. If you’re not getting to know your athletes on a personal level then you can only build so much trust. It also helps you understand how to help them improve.

Don’t Just Do the Work. Do it Right.

Dernlan talks about how most people working towards a goal are seemingly doing all the major things right. The difference is not just going through the motions but really being intentional and holding accountability to yourself even during the most mundane things. The attention to detail is everything. When you can condition yourself to do the little things right the bigger ones fall into place.

Above and Beyond Expectations.

Kolat dives into discussing that you shouldn’t expect to get a pat on the back for doing what’s expected. The way you train and the way you work is what motivates everyone around you. That’s when you get a pat on the back. Dernlan talks about how well informed and misinformed this day in age everyone is with the spread of information on the internet. He urges to be dialed in and disciplined on what’s beneficial for your end game. If it’s a distraction, distractor or takes away from your primary focus you need the discipline to stop. Pay attention to the small things and they won’t steer you wrong.


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