On this episode of The Way, Cary Kolat and Matt Dernlan discuss the differences between Discipline and Sacrifice when it comes to being a wrestler. The discussion begins with Matt recalling a conversation with Kyle Snyder, in which Snyder states that he does not believe he is sacrificing anything in order to be the caliber of wrestler that he is because he loves everything that he does to be that wrestler. Cary agrees with Snyder’s point of view using his experience as an elite competitor as well as a coach, saying that he didn’t begin to have to make sacrifices until he had children and gave things up for them.


Introducing something unprecedented to the wrestling community, Cary Kolat and Matt Dernlan present their venture “The Way | A RUDIS Wrestling Podcast”. The Way is something everyone is searching for. Whether that is an athletic, personal, or professional achievement. Coming from Coaching backgrounds, Kolat and Dernlan are always looking for better ways to lead athletes and elevate them. “The Way” breaks down different forms of literature to generate discussion and different perspectives. Then takes these lessons and knowledge and applies them to all aspects of life.


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