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Marysville, OHStep on the mat with an unrivaled fury in the all new Samurai Speed – Dragon. Inspired by the Ryujin, the mythical Japanese dragon, this shoe is a deadly combo of speed, agility, and power.

Ryujin dragon

A god of the ocean, the Ryujin possesses great physical power and strength. Full of dynamic attributes, the Ryujin represents a form of both good and evil. With levels of immense power & strength, Ryujin is a master of its craft in telepathic ability and shape shifting. Through its command of the ocean, the Ryujin rules its physical dominance  – all while controlling its mental domain. Like wrestling on mat, the Ryujin moves in gentle strides but strikes with intention, with the aggression of the ocean at its command.

Spencer Lee


Synonymous with lighting-fast agility and explosive power,  Spencer Lee is the embodiment of Samurai Speed Dragon. For Lee, wearing Samurai Speed Dragon gives him superpowers.

“It feels like I have super powers when I have them on. I feel like I’m able to teleport across the mat, explode onto my opponent.”

Beyond its power to control the sea, the Ryujin is also a shapeshifter. It can fluidly shift between both human and dragon forms. For Spencer Lee, Ryujin’s shape-shifting powers are similar to changing one’s mindset.

“When I’m on the mat, I feel like I’m the embodiment of a dragon in a human form. You can change your mindset to be like a superior athlete. You can transform into anything. You can compete against anything in that form. It’s a mental thing. When your mentality changes, you can shift to that of someone ready to fight.

Although humans can’t physically shapeshift, we can shift our thoughts to become something completely different. With concentration and determination of a strong will, we too can reshape our mentality to win.


Become the Dragon 

Samurai Speed Dragon combines the speed of the samurai with the power of the dragon to unleash immense power. An extension of the Samurai Speed collection, this wrestling shoe symbolizes the physical power of Japanese dragons and their complex abilities. These shape-shifting, brutal forces of nature are translated through a bright illustration, spanning across the outsole of the sock-like shoes.

This latest iteration of the Samurai Speed collection includes 4 striking colors that reflect the rich palettes of ancient Japanese dragon art: blue, black, red & yellow. Constructed with a repeating serpentine omni-directional outsole, this new shoe will allow you to fly across the mat with stealth and precision.

In addition to the unique outsole, Samurai Speed Dragon is designed with a stretch zone over the ankle bone. The ankle strap provides extra support and flexibility for sudden movements.  Crafted with lightweight materials, sock-like fit, and a non-binding upper, the Samurai Speed – Dragon will grant you the ability to move fast and strike hard.