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Positive Encouragement

This episode is the second part in a series of statistical scoring breakdowns by Ben Askren and Matt Dernlan. The wrestling communities positive reaction to this analysis and data gathered by Askren has been overwhelmingly positive and encouraging. It shows the demand and interest in this topic of tangible wrestling data. This podcast will focus on the largest category of points scored which was shots.

Double Legs (3:17)

An interesting stat from this data is that double legs outscored single legs. This is contrary to most technique studies Askren and Dernlan have seen in the past. They’re interested to see if this tournament was an anomaly and what the statistics would look like with even more data. If you do add in the low single and knee pull then single legs are number one over double legs. When there’s so much emphasis put on one stat, as a wrestler and as a coach you need to get extremely proficient in that technique and scoring areas.

Rule Changes Impacting Stats (7:07)

Another point of emphasis Askren brings attention to is that if you shoot a double leg and keep your hands locked, you’ll be awarded four points. This was not the case until 2018 and because of this, it gives a giant incentive to favor doubles over singles. Something else that comes from this is if you’re the defensive wrestler and you chest wrap the offensive wrestler when they shoot their double, you’ll most likely turn down and give up two points instead of four. The defensive wrestler bailing and giving up two shows the pendulum swing to the opposite side from just five years ago. Askren and Dernlan talk about their stories of the danger of shooting a double in the past because you didn’t know the way the officials would call it.

No Difference by Weightclass (15:54)

Askren brings up a good point that for many of these techniques and finishes it is not isolated to one or two weight classes. The light and heavy guys are both using these techniques. This goes against Askren’s preconceived notions about the techniques that would make for example a heavyweight successful.

High Crotch Finishes (22:40)

Something Askren feels is easy to defend and therefore doesn’t teach a lot is a high crotch to drive across double leg. This technique scored 54 points at the 2018 World Championships so obviously, it is a useful and effective technique. This is an example of something coaches can take away from this data. Although you may feel something isn’t worthy, if the numbers are undeniable then you should probably listen to them. This could also be due to the proficiency of defense at this level.

Where the Fight Begins (32:51)

Askren uses an example of a wrestler he was coaching who kept shooting a head inside single leg and getting shut down. After losing the match the wrestler was satisfied with the fact he got to his opponent’s leg 5 times. The point to his story is that the goal is not to shoot and get to the leg the goal is to shoot and score. The fight only begins once you get to the leg.

Setups (36:26)

There are three types of setups. Open with separation, middle which is wrist or bicep control, and collar ties, and control ties like underhooks, overhooks, etc. Askren says the most important is being good in the middle. At a high level, wrestlers aren’t coming out of position for no reason.


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