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On this special episode, Matt Dernlan sits down with 4x WCWA National Champion, 3x U.S. Open Champion, 2x Junior World Medalist and recently signed RUDIS athlete Kayla Miracle. Coming off a U23 World Team Trials win and a Senior World Team Trials win, Miracle is heading to Final X Lincoln to earn her spot on the senior world team. Dernlan grew up wrestling with Miracle’s dad Lee Miracle who is currently the head coach at Campbellsville University. Kayla grew up going to her brother’s practices while her dad coached and after some time, she asked if she could wrestle too.

Mark Perry (7:05)

Even with all the success she had up until and throughout college, Miracle says making the decision to train with the Hawkeye Wrestling Club was when she truly dedicated everything to the sport. Miracle talks about Hawkeye Wrestling Club Coach, Mark Perry and his ability to recall specific moves or outcomes from his vast memory of matches. Dernlan affirms this about Coach Perry as well and speaks about just how unique he is and how lucky the Hawkeye Wrestling Club is to have him.

Small Circles, Big Impacts (14:55)

Miracle speaks about her friendship with Sarah Hildebrandt. In a growing sport where your hometown may not have many women wrestlers especially at the caliber these two were at it you cherish the friendships you make. It’s a testament to the common saying of surrounding yourself with like-minded, supportive, and motivated individuals.

HWC (17:55)

Dernlan asks Miracle about her beginnings with the Hawkeye Wrestling Club. She was invited to train with Lauren Louive, Alli Ragan, Michaela Beck, and Forrest Molinari and after a training camp was proposed with joining as a full-time resident athlete. Miracle says out of all the things that she’s improved upon after making that commitment the biggest is her mental game. She believes now looking back the only thing that potentially held her back in the past was having some self-doubt in herself at the senior level. You’re always your biggest critic but Miracle has turned a new page this past year and seems more than ready to go out and show everyone she’s the best in the world.

Outside Wrestling (31:55)

Miracle says the people in wrestling is what makes it the best sport in the world. One thing about wrestling at the level Miracle is on, you travel the world. These are business trips first and then if you have time you can explore the culture. Miracle says one of her favorite trips was Japan for last years World Cup. But, the best meal she ever had internationally was from a small restaurant in France.


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