Jay Antonelli sits down for an exclusive wrestling question and answer. Antonelli discusses everything from what success means to him to the most important roles of a coach and how to overcome the challenges that come along with them. He also talks about the way he separated himself from the rest when he was competing and the importance of learning all three styles of wrestling in order to become your best.


How Do You Define Success? (0:27)

What’s the Biggest Role as a Coach? (1:18)

What’s the Most Rewarding Part About Being a Coach? (2:17)

What Are Some of the Biggest Challenges for Coaches and How Do You Deal with Them? (3:09)

What Are the Core Values to Instill in a Team? (4:37)

What Are Your Favorite Memories of Competing? (5:35)

How Do You Encourage a Team to Buy-In Fully? (6:36)

Who Is Your Biggest Role Models? (7:32)

How Critical Is Offseason Greco and Freestyle Wrestling to a Wrestlers Development? (9:33)

What Does Toughness Mean to You? (10:55)

How Do You Coach a Young Wrestler New to the Sport? (12:16)

What Does It Mean to Be a Wrestler? (13:29)

When You Were Competing What Conditioning Workouts / Mental Mindset Did You Do That Played a Pivotal Role in Your Success? (14:53)


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