The Evolution of Wrestling Rules

This week, Cary Kolat was asked his opinion on implementing a 3-point takedown into the scoring system. For a few years, wrestling fans have argued about and played with the idea of rewarding 3 points for a takedown instead of 2. The theory is that rewarding for technical proficiency and the offensive wrestler will cause for more exciting matches and even help our wrestlers in freestyle internationally. Many fans dislike the idea of a wrestler winning a close match after being dominated and getting a late match takedown. This scoring system would also limit the number of close matches. All that being said, Kolat is not in favor of this rule change and has a different idea on how to help the sport through rule changes.

A Better Option for Overall Excitement

Kolat is not a fan of the 3-point takedown because he feels the match can get out of reach too quickly. Kolat isn’t an advocate for wrestlers who ride the entire match or are passive. If they’re not aggressively advancing towards getting a turn he wants to see them stood back up. Kolat thinks the 3-point takedown is not the answer for growing the sport or improving upon it. His idea is a little different, he would like to see a 1 point swipe and have every swipe count as a point up to four. He thinks this would lead to wrestlers more aggressive on top and more creative. Another added benefit would be adding more excitement to mat wrestling.



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