The Warmup

This week Cary Kolat answers a question he got during his 19-day intensive, prospect, and technique wrestling camp at Campbell University. The question Kolat got from another coach was how Kolat structure practice and the reasons why he structures them in that fashion. Kolat says it depends on where you are in the season and get complicated but he breaks it down into a simple blueprint. The first thing Kolat’s team does is they have things they do offensively, defensively, top, and bottom wrestling in their warmup. They do they’re stretching as they start their drills. One thing Kolat and his coaching staff stress is not killing the body but being loose, fast, and light. They call it low impact drilling during warmup. Their warmup consists of common positions you’ll find yourself in a match and drilling the proper ways to execute from those positions.

Technique Phase

When Kolat’s running his practice at Campbell the day is focused upon one position or one area for that training session but he’ll let them branch off and focus on different scrambles. For High School wrestlers Kolat recommends keeping them focused in one area. Show them 3-4 finishes max and get a lot of reps. Then the next practice you can reenforce that technique in the warmup. If it’s the preseason Kolat is focused on getting his team conditioned and would move to a more combative drill to keep them active.

Conditioning Phase

After the technique phase, coaches can move to conditioning. Kolat recommends switching it up and not only running sprints. Overall Kolat wants to stress that many coaches waste valuable time during the warmup phase jogging and tumbling. Running for 5 min is good but then immediately getting into incorporating skill sets and getting in contact with each other. Not going hard or aggressive but lightly warming up while training.



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