Self Evaluation

This episode of ASK KOLAT, Cary Kolat answers a question about a very common topic revolving around wrestling, nutrition. Kolat doesn’t only get these questions because of his highly regarded coaching and years of experience helping his athletes. He also gets asked a lot because of how dialed in and efficient he was with his own nutrition while competing. Kolat was an early example of a wrestler who understood the importance of nutrition and how it impacted his wrestling. He explains how nutrition is very individualistic and you have to pay attention to your own body and mind to figure out what works best for you. Kolat figured out early on that he would get caught up practicing, warming up, working out, or competing and not be putting anything in his body besides water and end up having a sugar crash. Once he noticed this he figured out just how important nutrition is.

Stick to a Routine

Kolat had a routine he stuck to in order to fuel his body during competition. After his cool down he would eat things like power bars, apples, and bananas. After every single round, he would eat. He also made sure he drank 16 oz. of water to stay hydrated but not bloated. Kolat shares the importance of not forgetting to eat or feeling like you’re not hungry so you don’t have to eat. Once you’re hungry it is too late.



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