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Date of Birthday: 07.08.88
Hometown: Camden, New Jersey

For over a decade, Jordan Ernest Burroughs has established himself as the face of wrestling in the United States. Burroughs is a history maker, culture driver, program changer, and ambassador of the sport who embodies wrestling’s greatest virtues. Now a seven-time World Champion, Burroughs has earned himself the title, "King of the Mat."


  • 7x World Champion
  • 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist
  • 2016 Olympian
  • 8x Pan American Champion
  • 2x NCAA Champion
  • 4x US Open Competition

Defining his greatness with relentless pace and superior will, Burroughs secured his first World title in 2011 at 74 kg in Istanbul, Turkey. In 2012, he reached the pinnacle of the sport by capturing the gold medal at the 2012 Olympic Games in London, England. A year later, he joined the ranks of American greats by collecting his third consecutive title in 2013 at the World Championships in Budapest, Hungary.

Burroughs did not disappoint in his first World Championships hosted on American soil in 2015. He bounced back from a bronze medal finish in 2014 in a big way by securing his fourth World and Olympic gold medal, much to the delight of the home crowd in Las Vegas. Two years later, he led Team USA to unprecedented heights in Paris by winning his fifth World title and helping the team secure its first world team title since 1995.

One of the hallmarks of Jordan’s greatness is his ability to constantly evolve. In 2021, after transitioning to 79kg, he secured his first World title in four years and joined John Smith as one of two American men to win six World and Olympic gold medals.

Through utilizing his powerful signature double leg takedown, Burroughs captured yet another world title at the 2022 World Championship with a 4-2 victory over Iran’s Muhammad Nukhodilarimi at 79 kg (174 lbs) in Belgrade, Serbia. With this historic victory, the wrestling icon and globally beloved ambassador, Jordan Burroughs, is now a seven-time world and Olympic champion.

 “God equipped me with the right tools to go out there, repeatedly and consistently to show people it’s possible.”

For the undisputed “King of the Mat”, greatness never rests. Titles number 8 and number 9 are looming. The prospect of more history-making moments await at the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, France.

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