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Date of Birthday: 07.19.04
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Korina Blades is set to jump into the Senior level with unlimited potential. Already a star at the Cadet and Junior levels, Korina’s determination and drive to be one of the greats is clearly on display. RUDIS is proud to partner with Korina and be a part of her path toward greatness.


  • 2019 U16 World Champion
  • 2019 U16 Fargo National Champion
  • 2021 Junior World Bronze Medalist

Korina Blades is a female wrestling phenomenon and top-ranked cadet world champion. She graduated from Wyoming Seminary and is currently competing for Arizona State.  Korina was selected USA Wrestling Athlete of the Week when she gained berths on the cadet and junior World teams.

She has been a role model for aspiring female athletes since she began her career and is a source of inspiration to many.

With her dedication and hard work, Korina has achieved great heights in the wrestling world, and has become an inspiration to many. Her passion for the sport has made her a leader in the industry, as she continues to strive for greatness.

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