On this special edition of the RUDIS Wrestling Podcast, Matt Dernlan is joined by new Campbell wrestling head coach Scotti Sentes. Sentes, a two-time NCAA All-American for Central Michigan University, served as head assistant coach at Cal Poly before spending five seasons at Campbell under then head coach Cary Kolat. Together, they brought the Campbell program back from the ashes, transforming the SoCon team into a regional powerhouse. Dernlan and Sentes discuss the transition from head assistant to head coach, how Sentes has been leading his team virtually and what the future looks like for the Camels.



0:00 Show Introduction

0:50 First Steps as Head Coach

4:36 Support from Athletic Department

5:55 Get to Know Scotti Sentes

9:40 How Career at Campbell Eased the Transition

11:15 Rebuilding the Program in Six Years


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