Lead Video Editor RUDIS

The RUDIS Video team is looking for a highly motivated and skilled Lead Video Editor to join our rapidly growing team. RUDIS takes great pride being the leading brand for all things wrestling. As a brand, our video team is challenged to  push the envelope in our video production, storytelling and delivery. Employees at RUDIS have a sense of pride in the work being produced, a shared sense of purpose as a group for delivering the highest quality creative.

Our ideal Lead Video Editor has in-depth understanding of the purpose of video as a communication tool in social media, advertising, education, short-form and long-form narrative. This candidate must have a passion for visual storytelling, a hunger to grow and lead, and a drive  to learn the RUDIS brand and translate it to impactful content, both narrative and commercial. This position will report to the Head of Video at RUDIS and create for all aspects of the company and the brand.


Desired Qualifications

5+ years of experience in post production commercial or narrative

A strong sense of typographic and motion graphic trends

Expertise in music and timing as well as extreme attention to detail

Thorough understanding of the post production pipeline and ability to document and lead this process for others. 

Project Organization, Media Ingesting, Story Structuring, Color Grading, Sound Mixing, Motion Graphics, and managing deadlines with a team of editors. 

Ability to merge on trend video practices with the message of the RUDIS brand to create videos and stories that resonate with the wrestling community as well as extend our reach to new audiences.

Be adept in the Adobe Creative Suite with a Mastery in Premiere Pro and After Effects. Illustrator and Photoshop are a plus.  


Roles and Responsibilities

Collaborate directly with Producer and Creative Art Directors to edit and finalize all media shot by the production team for delivery

Assist in building storyboards and creative concepts for marketing campaigns bringing new ideas to the table based on expertise and abilities as an editor. 

Manage the Post Production Pipeline ingesting media, creating deadlines and delegating workflow.

Execute editing projects for Marketing Campaigns, Social Media and Ad content, as well as long and short form pieces for the RUDIS VOD Service RUDIS+

Be held accountable to tight deadlines in a fast paced creative environment. 

Continually evolve and develop best practices, processes and strategies for the post production team

Demonstrate a high level of adaptability and resilience to bring projects to delivery through revision and critique under scheduled deadlines.


Job Type: Full Time in Office