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Wrestling apparel brand RUDIS continues to invest in the sport of its birth and has announced the signing of Kyle Snyder, the first and only wrestler to win the NCAA, World, and Olympic championships as a collegiate athlete.

On the heels of his third consecutive national title and the conclusion of a momentous collegiate career, Kyle Snyder continues to make history as a trailblazing athlete. Upending the status quo is normal for the international phenom and his emergent partnership with RUDIS
proves just that.

Kyle announced his anxiously anticipated decision by penning a letter to the sport, titled “Dear Wrestling,” and publishing it on social media. The final paragraph reads:

“There is nothing I can do to completely return all that you have given me. I know that you deserve greatness. I know that you deserve more. Every choice I make is a reflection of you, and this decision is no different. Your stories deserve to be told by someone who knows you, understands you, believes in you, and comes from you. Because of this, RUDIS is the only place for us to continue our journey.”

The letter can be found in full on Kyle’s Twitter profile, @Snyder_man45.

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Serving the amateur wrestling community, RUDIS has honored some of the greatest names in the history of the sport, including Dave Schultz, Kenny Monday, Brandon Slay, Cary Kolat, Lincoln McIlravy, Russ Hellickson, and more. The company’s website ( states:

“Born from wrestling and built for wrestling. RUDIS was created with a
single vision in mind: be the most accurate and authentic expression
of the sport
through apparel. The core values of wrestling govern our every action and drive us to continually innovate, serve, and connect with those who love this sport.”

RUDIS Co-founder and President Jesse Leng describes the groundbreaking partnership, saying:

“What makes this truly electrifying are the reasons behind Kyle’s decision.  His belief in our vision and purpose make this moment very meaningful and it speaks to his love for the sport.  Kyle brings intensity and passion to everything he does and his impact is going to be massive.  Our goals and paths are aligned in that we aim to dominate the sport from head to toe. There’s no better person I can think of to do this with than Kyle Snyder. I know the way in which he lives his life will not only impact RUDIS, but the entire sport of wrestling for years to come. This is a moment when we are called to challenge ourselves to become something greater.”

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Those who work hard can become champions; those who are true to themselves can become legends. Together, Kyle Snyder and RUDIS will tell the story of a living legend — one who stands on the shoulders of giants and serves as a model for those that follow him. The pair seek to elevate the sport of wrestling and embolden its community.

Read more about Kyle’s decision on the RUDIS website ( To receive important updates, follow RUDIS @the_rudis and Kyle @snyderman45 on social media. For inquiries, please contact